Planning and Producing

You do not have to be an artist to have us create art for you. Our work is designed and made to order, “One of a Kind”. We can work with rough sketches, computer drawings or even just a picture of something close. We can also create beautiful artist renderings to show you exactly how your piece will look when completed.

Each project is unique, which requires the approach and process to be unique. Flexibility and communication are critical to moving the process along and ensure all parties are happy with the outcome.

Below is an example of how one project evolved

Hancock Process


01. Understand

We were contacted by the Village of Hancock, NY to assist in a town beautification project. The goal in creating a town square was to incorporate a centerpiece that would leave a positive, lasting memory to those who visit.

02. Explore

We proposed a town Arch as a way to welcome visitors. After several revisions, the town of Hancock settled on a design they felt was beautiful and within budget.

03. Create

Several site visits were made to ensure layout and proportions were accurate. We built a rough wood form to help understand the actual size of the banner as it would sit on location.

04. Fabricate

After multiple design revisions, we began fabrication which took approximately two months. After fabrication was complete, all of the components were sand blasted and sent out to be zinc base and semi gloss black powder coated.

05. Install

Given the massive size of the project, a crane was necessary in the erection of the banner. All of the components were set, fastened and leveled within a few hours. In order to to match existing street lamps, an outside was chosen and we installed them.

06. Enjoy!

Several years into the life of the banner and surviving nature’s elements, it looks the same as the first day it was installed. Both the town and our team continue appreciate a project well executed.